ConneXions Professional

Mid-Hi Range Hot Spot – High Performance and Scalable

ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL is a package for mid-sized premises wishing to provide internet access to public areas as well as a small number of rooms. The equipment consists of our own designed, gateway and includes six or more access points from leading manufacturers. Supplied complete with a high performance router and all networking infrastructure including a non-managed switch. With this system you can also provide internet access via a wired connection for those customers who require a network or cable connection. The ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL may be extended by simply adding additional access points for greater coverage in your premises. For best coverage in your business we recommend that the PROFESSIONAL package is professionally installed by one of our certified engineers. Your Hot Spot will be operational in minimal time ready to offer high speed wireless access to your customers and generate you revenue.

Our Enterprise solution can also support VLANs and Multiple SSIDs. This is very useful if you would like employees to have secure access to the company network wirelessly as well as providing a public hotspot to your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Customised Access Portal
  • Maximum Revenue Share
  • We Give You the Vouchers, You collect the money!
  • Accepts Credit Card Payments (No merchant account needed)
  • Accepts PayPal
  • Six or more Secure Access Points
  • Unmanaged Switch and ADSL Firewall / Router Included
  • Add unlimited Access Points for Additional Coverage
  • Wired Access Included
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Usage Reports
  • Low Cost
  • Content Filtering to block access to undesirable sites
  • Managed and Backed by ConneXions Group’s Network Management System

ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL is supplied with everything you need to start selling access as soon as your system is installed and activated. Subscribers are blocked from viewing other computers connected to the system and are limited to the bandwidth associated with the voucher ensuring no user abuses the connection. With our own designed controller you are able to add as many access points as you need to cover medium to large areas.

ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL is a comprehensive tailor made package where all tariffs, roaming, portal design are agreed with you so that we can match your precise requirements. Fully branded to the look and feel of your premises. Coverage from the included six or more access points will cater for large areas and can be easily extended as required.

ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL is added to our Network Operations Centre remote monitoring program, which means that we know when there is a problem with your system, sometimes even before you do. In the event of a system alarm our engineers can log in remotely to diagnose and repair the problem. We can even provide you with system uptime reports so you know just how reliable our systems are!

ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL returns a high rate of revenue to your business, far in excess of other Hot Spot providers. When you need more vouchers simply call or email us and we will deliver them to you next business day.

Simple, secure and cost effective, ConneXions Managed – PROFESSIONAL is the easiest way of creating a Hot Spot in your business.