News > Internet access for gadgets around the home

Internet access for equipment around your house is becoming somewhat of a necessity for modern day gadgets. Many people will have received presents this Christmas such as smartphones, smart TVs, ipads, internet enabled music devices and much more – all of which are enhanced by a wireless internet connection.

IT ConneXions, part of ConneXions Group, have been assisting customers all over Cumbria in getting fast internet access around the home. It can be difficult hiding unsightly network cables and finding wireless equipment that can provide full building coverage. However, IT ConneXions have proved this year how quick and easy it can be using their range of equipment and engineering skills.

IT ConneXions used their home plug adaptors which extend both wired and wireless broadband internet access via the existing mains power cables. This way there is no need to install new cabling resulting in simple implementation of connectivity to all those new devices you have.

Start appreciating the full functionality of your newly purchased gadgets with quick and easy installation of wireless broadband internet at your home. Contact IT ConneXions today by clicking here.