News > New Apple iPad Mini Unveiled

As Apple unveiled their next device, the iPad Mini, ConneXions Group continue to expand their technology portfolio in the expanding tablet market.

At 7.9″, the iPad Mini comes into direct competition with similar products from Google and Samsung in a now crowded and booming market.  Along with its bigger brother, the Mini comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flavours with Wifi only or Cellular options.  It specifications are similar to the full sized iPad 2, with a resolution of 1024×768, but owing to the smaller screen, should look sharper than the iPad 2.  Along with the smaller size of screen, the iPad Mini also comes in at only 308g and only 7.2mm thick.  Full release date for the iPad Mini is November 2nd, please contact us for pricing and installation details.

I.T ConneXions and ConneXions Group supply Apple’s range of tablet pc’s, Macbooks, and iMacs, with long running relationships with the key suppliers in the industry.  Apple’s product range have suited the business and education market from their inception and can be used to monitor CCTV, aid teaching in Schools, and provide a small portable presentation device for those important corporate meetings.

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