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IT Support Carlisle is one of the main services offered by IT ConneXions who are part of ConneXions Group and located in Cumbria, providing a range of IT and Communication solutions for a variety of businesses.

The latest IT ConneXions job was with the luxury Smiths Hotel in Gretna Green, just a few miles across the border from Carlisle.  IT is a major part of how the hotel is run, but they wanted to make savings against employing a full time IT specialist of their own – so IT ConneXions stepped in to provide support and maintenance.

IT ConneXions identified the need to replace some of the Smiths Hotel’s old IT infrastructure with newer technologies.  They will also act as their IT support and maintenance should they have any problems. TeleConneXions also looked at modernising the network cabling and providing costs saving on their communications.

Smiths Hotel are very pleased with the ongoing IT Support and said “our network infrastructure was in need of a major overhaul to provide a more stable foundation to service our business and future needs. IT ConneXions were selected as the local company to service and support all the requirements and we would like to say thanks for the help and advice received from an experienced professional team”.

Both IT ConneXions and TeleConneXions were obviously pleased with the comments and hope for a long lasting IT Support relationship with Smiths and their other Carlisle clients.

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