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ConneXions Group in News and Star Carlisle newspaper with their brand new advert design. ConneXions Group are also featuring in Carlisle Living and the Cumberland News newspaper as part of their new year long advertising campaign.

They will feature in the News and Star every week, Cumberland News every fortnight and Carlisle Living every month. Initially, the first few months of the campaign will aim to create awareness of the newly formed ConneXions Group brand – the advert of which can be seen in this blog.

After those first few months the adverts will branch out into each individual division including TeleConneXionsNetConneXionsIT ConneXionsInteriorConneXions, BroadbandConneXions and ToowayConneXions. The individual adverts will have a more specific focus and will vary between the News and Star, Carlisle Living and Cumberland News.

ConneXions Group has a strong client base within Carlisle and are hoping for the advertising campaign to bring in even more within the city and county. They are using their in-house design team to create the adverts and helping to showcase the marketing and design attributes of NetConneXions.

The common theme of the first few months will be the “word association” style adverts. This is used throughout all of the marketing materials of ConneXions Group, and helps to clearly show everything they offer in a unique and stylish way.

ConneXions Group are excited about their advert in the News and Star Carlisle and are hoping for a successful year working with them.