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Benefits of Video Conferencing are available for any type of business and can be a huge help now the bad weather is arriving. The UK has experienced severe weather conditions the last few winters, especially in Scotland and North England, which have hugely affected production in many businesses. However video conferencing has been a real solution for many organisations during these times.

Video conferencing has seen a huge increase in sales over the last few years with many businesses realising the benefits and cost savings it can offer. Some of the advantages to be gained by this are:

  • Reduces travel costs
  • Increases flexibility
  • Maintains and improves business productivity
  • Delivers a quick and tangible return on investment
  • Improves communication and reinforces relationships

These are just some of benefits to be gained by video conferencing. Obviously with current snowfall and the potential for more to come over winter now is the time to act. With video conferencing, should a staff member be snowed in, it doesn’t mean they have to miss their day at work or any scheduled meetings.
IT ConneXions are currently offering “Beat the Weather Bundle” packages to suit every business and help them be prepared and on top of business technology. They are also providing a special offer on ipads and a free video conferencing control licence which allows anyone to control a meeting directly from the ipad.

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